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Recovery is real!!!  
Individuals who are experiencing challenges with alcohol and/or substance abuse are able to live free from addiction. At Covenant Community Inc. (CCI), residents learn skills that support them in recovery, employment, healthy relationships and productive citizenship.  

Located in the heart of midtown Atlanta – across from the historic Varsity, CCI has touched the lives of over 1000 men since its inception twenty-six  (26) years ago… not counting the number of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons who have been reconnected with a loved one through CCI’s support.   

CCI provides comprehensive supports and programing within the context of a therapeutic community. The therapeutic community model supports each individual in life-stabilization through both personal and communal responsibility.  CCI offers intensive counseling in individual and group settings, supportive employment services, legal assistance, healthy living and nutrition services, financial planning and money management services and affordable housing support.  Residents are provided with food, transportation, and a safe home environment with 24-hour staff supervision. CCI collaborates with other agencies and provides referrals for legal, dental, medical and vision services. CCI’s outcomes are measured by their employability, housing status, legal involvement, and level of functioning at discharge.

CCI is committed to restoring hope for our residents, their families and the communities and cities in which they live.

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The Covenant Community is a life saver and provides necessary support for success.