1 A Childcare Center for Kids with Special Needs Corrigan Care d/b/a Emmy's Academy

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Corrigan Care provides affordable, developmentally appropriate care to children with special needs and support for their families.  Corrigan Care does business as Emmy's Academy.  Emmy's Academy is a full-time early intervention childcare center for children with special needs.
Services currently include Emmy's Academy, an early intervention and educational childcare center, and monthly respite nights in Roswell at Emmy's Academy.
Emmy's Academy is available for all children from 6 weeks through 6 years old when typical daycare just isn't enough.  Our full-time special education teacher provides customized educational plans while upholding therapy goals for each child.

Donations made will help offset the cost of tuition as parent's tuition only covers half of our true costs keeping it affordable.  Donations will also go towards a resilient surface on our playground and financial assistance to hire therapists to provide in-house therapy to all enrolled children.

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