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Non-Performance in the Classrooms 
Is One of the Biggest Problems We Face
In Georgia

In just 4 years, winners of the Colored Rocks Prize have inspired, guided, advised and served as positive role models to more than 5000 middle school students at Georgia's needs-to-improve schools AND have successfully improved upwards of 400 students at Georgia high schools!


Why the Colored Rocks Prize? 
In Georgia, 1 out of 3 students struggle academically. Among this group, male students of color are failing to graduate from high school in record numbers. Can we really sit back and allow one of our most valuable resources to falter? 

Negative media stories abound. But Colored Rocks Prize recipients are stories of young men who have defied the odds and taken the lead. They choose the path of success and shine brightly, using their talent to groom struggling young boys and to encourage these boys to aspire to be just like them. They are Colored Rocks!


Our Mission & How We Accomplish It: 
By awarding the Colored Rocks Prize, we promote positive images of high achieving male students of color. These Prize recipients, in turn, improve education outcomes for Georgia's highest at-risk student group.

What is the Colored Rocks Prize? The Prize is an Honorarium awarded annually to 15 male high school seniors from diverse ethnic backgrounds. The Prize recognizes high achievers who have committed to help at least one of their struggling peers improve some aspect of their personal, academic or social life. Improving their lives puts them one step closer to achieving their high school diploma.

Step-by-step, Colored Rocks are doing their part to reverse the disturbing numbers of male students of color who become high school dropouts in Georgia.

Consider doing your part by supporting the Colored Rocks Foundation with a donation in honor of a few of the accomplishments completed by Colored Rocks

  • - Campaign against bullying.

  • - Help struggling students prepare for standardized tests.

    - Lobby on behalf of undocumented students

  • - Encourage and teach students caught in the Juvenile Justice System how to turn their lives around.

  • - Make fellow students go to class

  • - Provide success tips and wisdom to younger students, encouraging them to be classroom all-stars.

    - Help fellow students understand their homework

    - Inspire students to read for fun

  • - Influence students to make it across the high school finish line.

Hear From Prize recipients how winning the Colored Rocks Prize empowers them to change other students' lives and make a difference in their communities and amongst their peers: 


If you are weary of the negative media about ethnic male youth, we invite you to support the Colored Rocks Foundation. Help us recognize and celebrate the good these young men do. Encourage them to develop their struggling peers. Together we will improve education outcomes among Georgia’s highest at-risk student group!

Media Personality, Dr. Alduan Tartt inspires the 2015 class of Colored Rocks 

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