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The Christy Sims Foundation was founded in response to a tragic incident of domestic violence upon its founder, Christy Tucker Sims. 
On April 28, 2013, Christy was assaulted by her boyfriend with industrial grade sulfuric acid, which burned her over 20% of her body and sent her into a coma for two months.  Christy is the first reported case of an acid attack in the state of Georgia. To date, she has undergone 13 surgeries to reconstruct her disīŦgured face and body, and her personal struggle has propelled her to advocate and support other survivors of domestic violence. Due to her diligence, her abuser was finally brought to justice on July 17, 2015 after a two-year fight.  
Christy’s story has touched the lives of millions around the world and possibly prevented other cases of domestic violence. Watch and listen to her recent recognition by the Atlanta Braves...

In addition to hosting an annual summit for young men and women, developing events/programs aimed at incoming college freshmen during their orientation, our current priority is to ensure that our prevention programs - Yellow Tulip  and Manhood 101  -  become part of the curriculum at schools across Georgia, and eventually, the nation.   

Our free domestic violence prevention programs for young men and women, aged 16-24, are designed to:

∞     Facilitate self-worth and empowerment;   

∞     Provide tools to help with anger management; 

∞    Educate young men and women about healthy

       relationships and the warning signs of intimate 

       partner abuse.

The Christy Sims Foundation is dependent upon the financial support of the public to deliver and grow programs focused on the prevention of domestic violence.

No financial contribution is too small...with every penny donated,you will help prevent the spread of
domestic violence.


To learn more, please go to our website at 
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Christy you a blessing to so many people. And you are a true blessing in my life.


God bless you friend. #astrosandeaglesforever


#AVoicefortheVoiceless We Stand with you and would love to create a partnership.