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Chlidren First is engaged in the community providing resources to help heal families in crisis.
Athens-Oconee CASA. The Court Appointed Special Advoates (CASA) program provides advocacy, service coordination and support to children in the foster care system. CASA was created in 1977 to make sure that the abuse and neglect that these children originally suffered at home does not continue at the hands of the social services system.
Family Time Community Visitation Center. Family Time Visitation gives children and families involved with the juvenile court options for successful visitations. Our staff  works to create a schedule and environment convenient to the child and parents. Our goal is to allow family visitations in a safe, non-threatening home-like setting under the supervision and support of a trained coordinator.  On a psychological level, visitation has been considered the most important service for maintaining connections between children and their family and thus easing the pain of separation.
SafeCareSafeCare is an evidence-based, in-home parenting-training curriculum for parents who are at risk of or have been reported for child maltreatment. It is delivered in the home or community setting for 18-20 weeks, and is intended for families with at least one child age 0-5. It also teaches a structured problem solving technique to assist parents with finding solutions to life challenges that may affect parenting.
SPARC. Non-custodial parents with court-ordered child support often face difficulty establishing or maintaining contact with their children. This lack of regular contact can lead to negative outcomes for these children as they grow up and even into later adulthood. Our program identifies obstacles and barriers to visitation/parenting time by working with both mothers and fathers and offering a range of services.

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering to become a CASA, please contact Tony Waller at 706-613-1922 x2.

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Children First works to keep children in their own home or to help the family in crisis with visitation & education so that they can become