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Our goal as an organization is to help restore hope in the lives of women, men and youth by providing training and development to assist them with being successful in EVERY area of life. It is our desire to give back to the community by offering our time, support, and love. Additionally, the business development  platform, Building America's Future, is ideal for identifying new entreprenuers with fresh and innovative ideas that can inspire change in our community.


Through our Acts of Kindness we are putting Love into Action. Our hearts are to see the lost - saved, sick- healed, and broken- restored. 


·  We sort through approximately 814,015 pounds of food which turns into 7,012 meals that will be delivered to families in need in the Georgia Community annually.

· Celebrating the Life of Another- 6 women were treated to brunch and a token of appreciation was given to each to honor them for who they are. Providing them encouragement and acknowledgement for all they do.

· Annual Gift Wrapping Event- approximately 115 gifts wrapped yearly for homeless children throughout Georgia.

· Annual Holiday toy giveaway- $1500 worth of toys donated yearly to a Metro Atlanta daycare serving underprivileged kids.

· Adopt a Family for the Holidays- annually we chose a family to help for the holidays. Providing clothing, toys, linens, toiletries, and household items, food, and gift cards are donated.
· Bless the Homeless- Partnered with Lift up Atlanta and donated clothing, personal hygiene items, and snacks to the homeless…A lot of the items donated were for men due to low donation amount for them.

· Custodial Appreciation- monies raised to purchase items to make donation bags for the custodial staff at local Middle School (6 staff members)

· We served two shifts of ER Staff at a local hospital; providing goodies for over 70 staffers.

· CMF prepared 300 meals; we served by packing meals, wrapping bread, taping boxes, and all other aspects of the kitchen, including washing dishes and clean-up.

· One of our most joyous events is when we take time out to visit with the elderly. We spend time at the Senior Citizen home with our youth and do fun activities with the elderly. 

· Community Gardening - we gather a group of family, friends, and youth and spend 4 hours mulching, pulling weeds, and cleaning up community gardens throughout Metro Atlanta.



A few years ago… I had the privilege and honor to volunteer with Francina Price and CMF/DOE on a Saturday morning at the Senior Connections in Dekalb. I would assist in the kitchen packing meals for senior citizens needing meals each day. So, off I went on Saturday morning to help!  I was surprised at the end result for me that day. My expectation was to give of my time and service with the Ladies of this great organization, instead I was the one who received!

The CMF/DOE is a group of awesome Ladies who give of their time to Champions Medal Foundation assisting in various services throughout the Metro Atlanta Area. They are fun, engaging, entertaining, caring, committed and generous!  My time that Saturday morning was filled with joy and laughter at the Center. I made new friends, learned about the Dekalb Senior Center and their wonderful services for the seniors. The Ladies of CMF/DOE continues to support and service many areas of Metro Atlanta. I am proud to know these ladies and to be able to participate with them throughout the years!

~Nancy Sfameni

I would like to say that all of my experiences with the CMF community service activities have been great.  So great that we made it a tradition to serve approximately 3 to 4 times per year.  We, the family of CMF, come together to flourish our community.  We also put kindness in our hearts, by doing good deeds for others. This makes us feel good on the inside.  We love to hear that we accomplished something for the greater good of someone else.  Under the leadership of my aunt Francina Price, we come together as a team for a common goal to share loving kindness and joy.  It makes the job easier.  We are not always able to see each other on daily bases, so these times are the best because we are family.  

I have served at nursing homes, food banks, community gardens, just to name a few.  One key thing I have learned is to have good listening skills as we do things to help the world become a better place. Our patience has grown, and our mouths are filled with glee.  As a volunteer of CMF, I love everything we do because we are united into one.  All of us following our one and best path, God's path.
~ Keion Lewis, the son of Yvette Beasley


The "Building Champions Education Center" offers several training workshops designed to empower women and youth; building a better community by developing one person at a time. 
  • Breaking the Chains of Generational Curses (BCGC)
  • Every Woman Works
  • LM Recovery
  • DOE (Daughters of Eve) Ministries
  • Soroptimist International
  • U4Kids
  • It's Just A Dream
  • My Other Mom (M.O.M)
  • O' Ministries
  • It's Just A Dream
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The greatest life to live is one in the service of others...Thank you CMF and volunteers for your service!