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Since 2012 more than 100 donors have raised more than $10,000 for our organization through GA Gives Day! We hope you will donate again, or for the first time, and join the rest of the non-profit community in Metro Atlanta to take part in this remarkable giving program.

Central OAC is a nonprofit located in downtown Atlanta that opens doors to overcome and prevent homelessness. We also work with and for our clients to advocate for positive community changes that support their efforts to become stable and self-sufficient.

Central OAC has a unique, three-fold approach to the complex problem of homelessness. Our three main programs—supportive services, employment readiness training, and advocacy—work individually to address distinct challenges presented by homelessness and together to provide a more complete and lasting solution.

We offer a wide range of supportive services that meet critical needs. These services are often the first steps our guests take on the long journey out of homelessness. We provide emergency food, clothing, transportation, and shelter assistance. We assist our guests in obtaining birth certificates and identification necessary to access employment, healthcare, and housing in Georgia. Through partnerships with other agencies, we offer on-site vision clinics, basic medical care, prescription eyeglasses, and legal aid.

We are celebrating 20 years of serving the Atlanta community, and in these two decades, we have learned that one of the leading causes of homelessness is insufficient income due to unemployment or underemployment. We've also learned that engaging in long-term relationships of care with our guests fosters more effective and enduring solutions to homelessness. With this in mind, we designed our employment readiness program, The Main Frame, which provides our guests with focused, one-on-one instruction and support to help them find meaningful, living-wage employment. During the program and long after, we work with our guests to offer the ongoing assistance they need to find stability, health, and a place they can call home. 

With a small staff of four and many dedicated volunteers, Central OAC provided more than 17,000 services to 5,520 unduplicated guests in 2016. We invite you to join us in realizing our mission of opening doors to overcome and prevent homelessness. 


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