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CDF: Action engages residents and partners to craft innovative, culturally sound, community-driven education initiatives, building on community assets. Our mission is to transform education so that all Clarkston children and youth will be nurtured, supported, and prepared to learn – from before they enter kindergarten through post secondary education.

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Engaging families in their children's early learning! Designed by families in partnership with early learning programs and the community, READY Schools offer a free part-day program located in apartment complexes. The READY Schools prepare three year old children from diverse cultures, in order to help them transition to a Georgia pre-school program, while engaging families in their children's early learning.  

Preparing early learning teachers! Through piloting a multi-lingual Child Development Associate (CDA) credential in partnership with Georgia Piedmont Technical College, CDF seeks to increase the number of multi-lingual early learning teachers serving families from many countries.  The need to recruit and train multi-lingual teachers was the issue selected by families who participated in the W. K. Kellogg funded Early Learning Community Trust process two years in a row.

Forging partnerships to promote and transform early learning and education! Currently in it's fifth year, Clarkston Tell Me a Story! Festival serves 250 adults and children, and engages more than 20 partners annually.  CDF sponsors the annual Clarkston Childrens Day at the Museum, and facilitates the Clarkston Early Learning Network and the Clarkston Afterschool Collaborative.

Creating leaders! CDF has demonstrated success in engaging families as leaders, and has shown a commitment to and the ability to engage multiple language groups in Clarkston through its I am a Leader workshops. Graduates attend workshops in the community to continue to improve their leadership skills, and develop ideas and strategies to improve the community.

More about Clarkston, GA and the CDF....

Clarkston, Georgia has been called the most diverse square mile in the United States. It is the figurehead of a modern, multicultural American South. Clarkston’s diversity – which is largely a result of refugee resettlement efforts – has created a distinctive community of resilience, hopefulness, and entrepreneurial ingenuity.

This diversity also creates unique challenges as well as opportunities, and we know that communities support what they help create.  

CDF has a history and a future commitment of engaging community residents as participants and decision-makers in the education of their children.

CDF has demonstrated a commitment to bring multiple languages, religious, and cultural groups from around the world into the work of building new communities. Again and again, community residents of many cultures have demonstrated the ability to use their own gifts to design and implement early learning and education programs for their children - and for themselves. CDF has been recognized for its innovative community development approach to engaging families and residents in education.

We know there is much more to do in order to continue championing new innovative ideas.  In the days ahead, CDF will continue to build on the W.K. Kellogg funded Clarkston Families Decide initiative and will:

- Partner with the Global Montessori School to start a program for 3 year old children and their families that includes diverse children and their families and offers a sliding fee scale.
 - Partner with Georgia Piedmont Technical College, City of Clarkston, the Georgia Department of Early Learning, and others to pilot an Enhanced Child Development Associate program that includes interpreters and coaches -- in Clarkston and in a community outside of Clarkston.

-- Expand the READY School in partnership with other community groups.
-- Pilot a Community Trust dialogue with families and the leadership of Indian Creek Elementary School.

 - Partner with early learning and schools to create welcoming environments, using research and tools to create training, action plans, and ways to measure change.
 - Design tool kits with lessons learned for the READY School, Community Trust process, and the multi-lingual CDA.
Relationships and connections are at the heart of everything we do. Our work follows a deliberate process of relationship-building that creates trust, dialogue, engagement, and action.


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In times such as these, the work that CDF does is crucial! Such a great example of what many Americans still are: kind, open, generous, work


Peachtree Virtual Assistants supports and admires the work done by CDF. Thank you for your dedication to Clarkston.