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     Strategically located in Middle Georgia, the Rehoboth Life Care Ministries (RLCM) Volunteer Dental Clinic belives in caring for the whole individual having a healthy mouth, healthy body and healthy mind.  We strive to relieve dental pain and prevents future dental problems for low-income individuals who lack resources to pay for oral health care, or do not have adequate access to care. The Clinic is sponsored by the Rehoboth Baptist Association of Warner Robins, Georgia, and its mission reflects Protestant principles, spreading the love of Christ through quality dental care for those who cannot afford it, regardless of their race, gender or religion. The Rehoboth Volunteer Dental Clinic is the only dental health clinic of its kind in Middle Georgia. 

     The board, staff, volunteers, and affiliates of the organization share a vision of a community in which quality dental care, is accessible to all underprivileged and underserved populations.

     Located in a renovated home donated by the Rehoboth Baptist Association, the clinic is staffed by 15 volunteer dentists and more than 35 volunteer dental assistants, hygienists, counselors, and administrative personnel who donate their time, talents, and resources on a monthly basis. The clinic, which provides a full spectrum of dental services, including extractions, restorations, sealants, hygiene, and preventative care, depends mostly on charitable donations made by the community

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