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Campus Club Milledgeville announces the CREATE campaign. CREATE is a social-enterprise, community-based, & public-benefit initiative that integrates fine-arts, community & economic enrichment. Through community re-investment, the CREATE campaign will impact the social, human, and economic-mobility of families in Baldwin County and the Middle-Georgia region.
The Objectives of the CREATE campaign:
a.     Provide socially enriching programs that are FREE to the community;
b.     To generate solutions to local/regional problems, via career, community and economic development, while emphasizing Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology & Enterprise;
c.     To repurpose the Downtown CREATE facility and the CREATE Main facility to focus on career, community and economic development initiatives, while emphasizing Recreation, Education, Arts, Technology, and Enterprise.
Our Programs and Your Donation
Your Donation will:

1.     Assist with purchasing jerseys for the CREATE Dream Team. The CREATE Dream Team is a year-round community-based cycling organization for school age youth of the underserved communities;

2.     Allow us to expand our Jobs through Art, Media&Music  (JAMM) Afterschool program. JAMM Afterschool is an out-of-school, “project-based” multi-media training program… This includes our Summer JAMM 2017 program;
3.     Allow us to start and administratively support our Mentoring Engagement Network or (wo)MEN at Oak Hill Middle School The CREATE (wo)MEN is a community-based pilot-program mentoring  “at promise” Oak Hill Middle School students, using in-school, afterschool and out-of-school opportunities;
4.     Allow us to administratively support the 4th annual ArtHealthy Festival. The ArtHealthy Festival brings together community members to promote art and healthy living. It is inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama;
5.      Allow us to administratively support future upcoming workshops;
6.     Allow us to better serve this community through the remodeling of our CREATE Downtown facility; but most importantly,
7.     Brings us one step closer to “tomorrow’s” financial sustainability without sacrificing the exemplary services  we provide “today”!

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