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Camp Fire Georgia gives young people the opportunity to discover the best in themselves and others in a fun, safe, learning environment.   We do so providing collaborative relationships with adults, nurturing their social and emotional growth along with promoting healthy life choices.  Camp Fire is an inclusive organization, open to all people regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, religion, or any aspect of diversity. 

Our local program opportunities include:

Camp Toccoa, our coed summer camp, owned and operated by Camp Fire Georgia gives young people in grades 2nd -12th  the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences in the outdoors, develop new skills, enjoy their natural surroundings while making lasting friendships.   Camp Toccoa offers traditional camp, horseback camps, along with backpacking and adventuring camps.   Traditional camp gives young people the opportunity to choose from a long list of activities to partake in each morning.   Afternoons are filled with the opportunity to swim each day, cook over a campfire, sleep under the starts, explore our two waterfalls, countless wooded trails, overlooks, caves, and more.   Camp Toccoa, established in 1927 is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeast Georgia.      

Camp Fire believes that the best youth development takes place in small group environments.   Camp Fire Clubs are small groups of young people with dedicated adult leaders that follow Camp Fire curriculum encouraging self-discovery, social interaction skills and asset building.   Youth ages 3-18 benefit from Camp Fire Clubs throughout the state of Georgia.

Camp Fire Georgia’s partnership with Big A and Liberty Elementary Schools gives youth an opportunity to experience Camp Fire curriculum in the after-school hours.   Camp Fire staff engage youth in a wide variety of outcome based activities, projects and games.  Youth enjoy getting outdoors after school to participate in Camp Fire’s environmental education, health education, team building, etc.

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CampFire Camp Toccoa provides so much to the youth of the community! WoHeLo!


Your dedication to our youth is inspiring!