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What do we do?

Since 2008, BURNAWAY has worked to bring broader recognition to artists and writers in and from Atlanta and the South in order to create a more robust and recognized arts scene. 
We provide the critical coverage, reviews, news, and information that is lacking in many cities due to the decline in arts criticism in traditional media, which negatively affects artists, arts organizations and a city's cultural life. 

Recognizing the importance of access to the arts, our online magazine is always available free of charge.

Becoming a supporter of BURNAWAY means you're helping to:

·       Produce over 420 articles a year that promote artists         and arts organizations in the South.  

·       Pay our writers for their hard work!

·       Produce the monthly Call for Artists and the weekly online To Do List. 

·       Connect Atlanta and Southern cities to a larger regional, national, and international arts conversation.

·       Nurture new voices for the arts through our writing mentorship workshops for high school students, artists and emerging writers. 

·       Produce and distribute the Atlanta Art Guide, so you and visitors to Atlanta know what to see and where.

·       Bring visiting critics to Atlanta to meet with our artists and art professionals in a mutually benefical exchange.


Our Goal

Can you help us get to $10,000 on Georgia Gives Day?

Every dollar you give has a tangible impact on our programs. By giving to BURNAWAY, you ensure that artists and writers continue to receive the attention and support they deserve. 

Thanks y'all!

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Christa T donated $25.00

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