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A few months ago, a Barn Owl with a broken wing was brought to AWARE. Unfortunately, due to the severity of his injury, releasing him back in the wild would be a certain death sentence. While we are always heartbroken for animals who are unable to return to their natural environment, we are committed to providing them with the best care and quality of life when they become one of our wildlife ambassadors. Of course, this care comes with a price tag. Barn Owls in the wild can eat hundreds of rodents and other prey items per year (which makes them a farmer's best friend!), and AWARE's owls are no different. In addition, regular medical checkups and treatments keep them at optimal health.  Although their upkeep is expensive, the public outreach they provide as wildlife ambassadors is priceless.

Although AWARE's staff and volunteers are saddened for this non-releasable Barn Owl, a certain member of the AWARE family will be glad for his company. Our resident Barn Owl, Windy Sue Whoo, who joined the AWARE family more than five years ago, recently met her new friend. Although she is playing coy at the moment, she is definitely interested in him. But what to call him?!

That’s where the fun part comes in! This Georgia Gives Day, each $25 donation will grant the donor a single entry in our contest to name AWARE’s newest resident ($50 receives two entries, etc.). On Georgia Gives Day, four lucky winners will be randomly chosen (one at 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, and 12 am), to propose their best Barn Owl name for a public vote on social media. So the sooner you donate, the better your chances!!

Stay tuned to AWARE's Facebook page this week to meet Windy’s new friend and learn more about his story. Be there to see whooo will get to suggest the best name for him and to vote on those names! By the way, you don't have to wait: you can start donating today!!!

Thanks for supporting AWARE on Georgia Gives Day and throughout the year.

Dr. Tarah Hadley, Executive Director

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AWARE- You have brought personal joy to me by rehabilitating a squirrel that broke his two paws in our backyard and saving FOUR TURTLES . Th


for the new barn owl rescue name: hootenanny


I wish there was an AWARE-type organization in every county.


Thank you for saving so many wild animals! Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.