The Greater Atlanta Girls Choir, inc

$1,315.00 contributions
15 donors

Raised: $1315Remaining: $13685

We are so excited for your generosity!
Any amount you can give will help!
$25 will help purchase music for a semester for one girl.
$50 will help purchase supplies for one month.
$75 will help purchase a dress uniform for one girl.
$100 will help defray costs of tuition for one girl.
$325 will pay tuition for one girl during one semester.
$650 will pay tuition for one girl for a school year.
$1000 will send one girl on tour in the spring.
$5000 will cover costs for a special event while on tour (performance, master class, travel expenses)
$10,000 will cover tour for ten girls!

Casey M donated $150.00
Kathryn C donated $20.00
Kelly M donated $20.00
Marlee W donated $50.00
David and Anita B donated $100.00
Jonathan E donated $25.00

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