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Our Mission

To provide comprehensive health awareness, education and prevention services for the disadvantaged multicultural children, adults, and families, through therapeutic intervention and eduction

Our Vision

Empowering children and adults to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS to the next Generation

Our Values

We believe that children deserve to feel loved, to be safe and to have the support and tools needed to face life's challenges.

We believe that children sometimes need more help than their parents can provide alone.

We appreciate that parents sometimes need professional support to enhance their coping and parenting skills.

We understand that living with HIV/AIDS or substance abuse often challenges, and sometimes traumatizes, adults and children.

We are committed to developing effective therapies and specialized curriculum to touch the souls and heal the hearts of children and adults struggling to cope with the impact of HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and mental health issues.

We are committed to providing quality, professional service to agencies and organizations dedicated to serving children and adults affected by HIV/AIDS, mental health, and addiction.

Our Programs

We Want To Know (WWTK)™: A prevention and education program designed to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS among children and adolescents.

Adolescent Females Learning About Living Healthy (AFLASH)™: Gender-specific empowerment, prevention, and risk reduction program for females at risk for HIV/AIDS, STD's, teenage pregnancy and domestic violence.

Grandparents Hands™: The program empowers men and women over 50 years of age to promote healthy lifestyle choices and reduce at-risk behaviors. We are striving to create volunteer leaders that will serve as HIV/AIDS programs advocates and teach workshop sessions in their peers, as well as younger generations.
Funding provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Housing and Human Services Department Grant Programs.

Reaching Out To Sisters With HIV/AIDS (ROSHA)™: A program for HIV+ women designed to promote self-advocacy and participate in civic engagement and activism to improve community health and opportunities for women who are affected and infected with HIV/AIDS.

Substance Abuse Treatment for Affected/Infected With HIV (SATCH)™: A program for men and women living with or at high risk for HIV/AIDS and other co-occurring issues. SATCH provides structured therapeutic support and intensive therapy relative to substance abuse, mental health, and other related social issues.
Funding provided in part by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners under the guidance of the Housing and Human Services Department Grant Programs.

LGBT Therapeutic Resources through Uplifting Supportive Treatment (TRUST)™: The program is designed to provide counseling and social services for LGBT teens and young adults who are challenged with mental health, substance abuse, and/or PTSD in an environment of bullying, community or partner violence.

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