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Since 1963 The Albany Advocacy Resource Center has been supporting people with disabilities by providing quality care and services for people with physical and/or mental disabilities in the fight for independence, community inclusion, and true citizenship.  We believe that people—all people—have the right to participate in community life and live independently each day with dignity and respect.  
Since our beginnings as a preschool, we have expanded our service base to include 13 programs.  Our programs are comprehensive and serve a variety of people.  We also serve people who have suffered traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries (ICWP), as well as senior citizens on Medicaid that want to maintain their home and independence rather than live in a nursing home (S.O.U.R.C.E.).
Our other programs include
·         Adult Day Independent Living Program
·         Autism Training and Support Groups: Workshops to educate, agencies, staff and families who work with people with autism as well as support groups for families and young adults  with Asperger’s Syndrome.
·         Employability: “A Different Source for the Work Force”
·         Pick and Choose on Pine Thrift Store
·         DCSS High School High Tech- increasing test scores and graduation rates of high school students with a documented disability.
·         Residential Program
·         Project ARC
·         Masters Level Special Olympics
·         Mental Health/Treatment Court
·         Dougherty Leadership Development Institute- integrating people with and without disabilities into the leadership community.
In most cases, there is no charge for our services if a person applies, qualifies and is accepted into one of our programs.  We are funded through a variety of sources; the state, Medicaid Waivers, HUDD, grants, fundraisers and donations.  We do not receive money from the city or county.  Because of where most of our money comes from there are restrictions as to how it can be used.  Often there are basic necessities that are not covered as well as the “extra” things we do for our clients that we take for granted like attending movies, sporting events, seasonal fairs, holiday meals and a holiday gift.  To provide a few of these simple things fundraising and donations are critical. 

We serve over 800 people across Southwest Georgia.  As one of the largest private provider agencies, we are recognized as Georgia's standard of consumer-driven, cost-effective services.  We have been voted as one of Georgia’s Most Effective Non-Profit Organizations by Georgia Trend Magazine as well as been the recipient of the Governor’s Award of Excellence in Programs. 
In 2013 we will celebrate 50 years of Service.  We hope you will help us continue in this golden tradition of turning disabilities into possibilities. 

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