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AID Atlanta

EVERYONE DESERVES ACCESS TO CARE.  Help us ensure that every life is thriving.

14,000 HIV positive Georgians have no access to medical care.  With your support, you can help AID Atlanta reduce the number of people not in care. REGARDLESS of their ability to pay.

As the city’s largest & oldest AIDS service organization, AID Atlanta continues to break new ground in treatment and care – but we can’t do that alone.

Through August 2016:


We are working to link clients to care within 72 hours – while the national average is 30 days.
We are on track to double the number of clients served last year – but we need your support to stay on track.
It’s not enough to be living or surviving.  We are committed to EVERY LIFE THRIVING.
Make a donation today & show that you share our commitment.

The mission of AID Atlanta is to reduce new HIV infections and improve the quality of life of its client members and the community by breaking barriers and building community.




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