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AARC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1997 by the late Reverend Henry Jee. We wouldn’t be able to run the Asian American Resource Center without generous contributions from donors across the world. “We should never say that this situation can’t happen to us” people tend to think that a homeless individual is lazy, but what about the individuals that had to start all over again unexpectedly due to a house fire, getting laid off, becoming severely ill, or a natural disaster. In the world that we are living today, so many people are just one paycheck away from becoming homeless.


Children make up 70% of our clients at AARC that are struggling in school because they did not have a stable home environment. With your help, you can give a child the chance to grow in a more stable environment so that they do not have to keep changing schools or suffer from poor attendance, because they are living in a car or on the streets with their parent(s). AARC does not discriminate against any race, color, or origin because we believe that all individuals deserve a chance towards self-sufficiency.


As a community-based organization, AARC believes that its efforts and initiatives have a tremendous, positive impact on the lives of local residents and is actively working to empower families and individuals by providing services that will improve and enrich their quality of life. The Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education, or IELCE, program operates under the authority of the Office of Adult Education of the Technical College System of Georgia and provides English literacy instruction to non-native English speakers in Gwinnett County, which is one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the southeast region. According to DATAUSA, Asian and Hispanic communities comprise 11.5% and 20.8%, respectively, of the population in Gwinnett County, and 35.1% of the population in Gwinnett County speak a non-English language.


Our vision is to give them hope and a brighter, better future as they acclimate to life and work in Georgia. Won’t you help us as we help others? Your generous donation of any size is greatly appreciated. Thanks again to all of our sponsors that continue to believe in our vision.


You can also donate on our website ( or in person);Tele#770-270-0663; EIN#58-2321987


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