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Access to a Better Tomorrow, Inc. (ABT) was created on Dr. King’s Birthday in 2011, inspired by his dream and founded upon the Independent Living Philosophy that each person with a disability is unique with the same civil rights as a every other American citizen.

Access to a Better Tomorrow, Inc.'s mission is to ensure Georgians with disabilities have equal opportunities to enjoy Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Due to the lack of Access to services, people with disabilities have been unable to reach their full potential. Many people who need assistance with daily living are having their rights violated every day by being forced to reside in nursing homes to receive healthcare instead of accessing healthcare in homes of their own.

Life & Liberty - Adapt, a grassroots organization has been advocating for more home and community based services (HCBS) instead of institutional care for over 25 years. The % of Federal spending on HCBS has increased but more is needed for people to remain living independently at home. ABT is an Adapt supporter, and works to ensure that the civil rights of individuals with disabilities are protected. On Georgia Gives Day we ask for your help so we can continue these efforts.

Pursuit of Happiness – Happiness for most is doing something you love to do. Many disabled individuals don't get a chance to participate in recreational opportunities, and our organization supports adaptive sporting opportunities including the disabled athletes of the North Georgia Screamin' Eagles Power Soccer team.  With your donations ABT can help the team purchase new equipment so that the Screamin' Eagles can be more competive in the U.S. Power Soccer Association Presidents Conference.
We ask that on Georgia Gives Day 2016  you will support our efforts with a secure online donation. If you are not comfortable donating online, checks and other in-kind donations can be sent to:

Access to a Better Tomorrow, Inc.
4689 Price Rd.
Gainesville, GA  30506

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