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Liquids, solids, acids and bases, its a day of wow and smiling faces...Come see what' in store as we explore the fun behind science, technology, engineering, math and MORE!!!

Help us raise money for STEM Kits and Arts Supplies!

3D Girls, Inc. is an ideal candidate for this opportunity because we are committed to filling the achievement gap with our intentional focus on improving literacy, STEM exposure, and college and career preparedness. This project will help fund transportation, exposure trips, and materials and supplies necessary to facilitate family engagement events over a six month period. Exposure Trips to the University of Georgia, Tellus Science Museum & Lego Land ($1,520), Transportation ($3,000), Science Kits & Materials ($2,000), Literacy Curriculum ($1,000), and General Operation Costs ($2,480) are necessary to engage both participants and their parents.    
We need your help though! We are striving to reach intentional people, organizations, and corporations that are in the business of “Dream Releasing”! Yes, that means we need help raising and soliciting for scholarship $$$$ !!!!
If you’re interested in serving on the “We Dream in 3D” committee for the next year, please email us at!
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