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Since July 2012, we have rescued over 8000  dogs and cats.

Our life saving programs:

Kitten ward

We opened a Kitten Ward in a spare room at the shelter with intent of saving all the kittens that are coming into Animal Control. Many are sick or injured who will require medical care before being place into loving home, some too young and still need to be bottle fed and fostered. Success - we saved almost 900 Kittens this year!

We are running a year round special on Kitten and Cat adoptions that’s working wonderfully to place altered pets back into our community.

Tiny Paws program:

Since 2012 we have been saving the puppies that enter Columbus Animal Control and have created a Puppy No Kill Zone in our community.

Many of the puppies require medical attention, puppy vaccinations, worming and flea treatment and we are doing it all, including treatment for the often-deadly parvovirus.

For the love of mommies program:

We have pulled and saved the pregnant females coming into Columbus Animal Control since 2012. We provide them with a safe place to have their babies and adopted them out once old enough, including the mom.

Animal Ark also takes entire families,  including moms coming in with nursing puppies or kittens, and we get them ready for adoption after the babies are weaned.

Small but Mighty program:

Animal Ark takes in all small breed dogs from Animal Control in Columbus no matter their condition or temperament. Most small dogs are frightened in a shelter setting and do not display their true temperament until provided with a safe place. We have created a “Small Dog No Kill Zone”.

No Critter left behind program:

We not only rescue cats and dogs but have been rescuing all the critters from Columbus Animal Control, including but not limited to: Bunnies, Birds, Snakes, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Hamsters to name a few.

Sick and injured program:

Many cats and dogs come to Columbus Animal Control after being hurt in traffic or surrendered sick by their owners.

Animal Ark included them also into our life saving program by providing much needed medical care and recovery time in loving foster homes. We have had multiple life saving surgeries,  including surgery for ingrown collars and harnesses. Animal Ark provided medical care for tumor removal; skin conditions like demodex and sarcoptic mange for pups and ringworm treatment for kittens are part of our life saving programs.


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