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Abba House, Inc

-Abba House-
Transforms Lives
Restores Hope
Rebuilds Families
Abba House Transforms lives of Women and their Children by Restoring Hope through Relationship.

raised $72.00

Abel 2, Inc.

Abel 2:  Music/Artists & Disability
Abel 2 Enhances the Quality of Life
for People with Disabilities
and the Under-served by
Creating Music and Arts Opportunities
for Employment and Enjoyment.

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Access Reproductive Care-Southeast, Inc.

Access Reproductive Care - Southeast is a regional reproductive justice organization.  We help Southerners and their families navigate the pathways to access safe, compassionate, and affordable reproductive care by providing financial and logistical support, and building power in our communities through advocacy, education, and leadership development. 

raised $90.00

Access to a Better Tomorrow, Inc.

4689 Price Rd.
Gainesville, GA  30506
FEIN: 27-4963246

A group of young professionals working to ensure Georgians with disabilities have equal opportunities to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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Act Together Ministries Inc.

Act Together Ministries needs your help to meet the needs of foster children and children from single parent and low income families. 

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Action Ministries, Inc.

Action Ministries Inc. is a nonprofit that provides an extensive network of community partners and volunteers with the tools and expertise to lead fellow Georgians out of poverty by meeting basic needs of hunger relief, housing, and education.

raised $4,214.00

ACTODAY Foundation Inc

We are ACTODAY (Actively Contributing To Our Dynamic & Amazing Youth).  We help to support children and families year-round.  We need your financial support to continue to provide our services to those who need our assistance.  With your contribution, we can continue to make a lasting difference.  Thank you!

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